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Personal and Spiritual Development

Hello, and welcome to Bright Spirits Coaching!

My name is Robin Sibley, and I'm a personal and spiritual development life coach. I assist people to understand themselves better, inside and out, then make the changes they want to improve the overall quality of their lives. Part of what I do is to teach you various techniques to manage your thoughts and emotions. I can also help you find ways to develop healthier self-esteem, self-respect, and self-care habits. For the most part, when you work with me, you'll feel like you're talking with a trusted friend or elder.  Confidentiality is important and part of my ethical standards of practice. Your wellbeing and peace of mind are top priorities.

What can you expect in a session?

Whether by phone, video, or in person, you can expect my full attention from the moment our session begins. If we've been in session before, I'll check in with you around whatever we spoke about last time. If this is a first session, I'll spend a few minutes to get acquainted and to answer any questions you may have.

Next, I'll ask you what's on your mind or what you'd like to talk about. At this point, I'll be tuned in to whatever you say, and might ask deepening or clarifying questions as we go along. Mostly, I want to create the best possible environment for you to feel heard, supported, and that your agenda and goals are supported in our work.

About 5 to 10 minutes before the end of our scheduled time, I will check in with you to see how you're feeling, and if there is anything else you'd like to cover before we wrap up.

 Video, Phone, or In-Person Options

For in-person sessions, I am available most Saturdays in Conway, Arkansas (near Little Rock).

Remote sessions are conducted by phone or Zoom. Wherever you are in the country, we can find a way to connect.

Want to learn more?

Pop over to my Services & Contact page for more information about scheduling a session.

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I honor, accept, and embrace all forms of diversity. You can feel assured that you will be respected and nurtured in our coaching and support relationship regardless of race, ethnic origin, spiritual beliefs and practices, gender, sexual preference, and every other way that you are unique and brilliant just as you are! 

I adhere to the Code of Ethics as set forth by the International Coaching Federation. 

You can find a copy of these standards by visiting: